Winter Car Transport Tips

December 28, 2022

Winter Car Transport Tips

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We definitely recommend enclosed shipping for the winter months.
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When the weather gets colder, most people want nothing more than to hunker down and wait it out. This means that fewer people want to ship their cars across long distances. However, those who do will get a great deal! Because demand is generally lower in the winter than in the summer, we’re able to offer our winter customers a great deal to transport their car! Here are some tips on how to best take advantage of this great opportunity for savings:

Winter Car Transport is All About Scheduling

In the summer, scheduling is usually less of a concern. With fewer holidays and better weather, you can pretty much schedule a shipment whenever you want to. However, that’s not the case for car transport in the winter. Scheduling is very important during the winter, as it can completely change how long a shipment takes (and how safe it is).

For example, consider the ongoing issues caused by Winter Storm Elliott. When we’re scheduling your winter car shipment, we’ll make sure that the roads we’ll use will be open and safe to use. We won’t take any risks because we don’t want your car to wind up stranded in the snow. After all, we don’t want our drivers to be stuck in the snow, either!

Choose Enclosed Shipping for the Best Experience

Most of the time, our customers are comfortable with shipping their cars on our open carriers. These carriers are generally cheaper to use and easier to schedule, and your car isn’t in any serious danger. However, during the winter, there’s a lot more out there that can get to your car. With the potential damage from snow, rain, and ice, it’s best to ship your car in the most secure way possible: enclosed shipping.

When you use enclosed shipping, you choose guaranteed security for your car. Not only will it be safe from any weather or road debris that could damage it, it will also be safe from anyone trying to break into it. While we’ll do everything in our power to protect your car when it’s on one of our open carriers, an enclosed carrier provides a greater guarantee of safety. With enclosed shipping, you won’t have to worry about it at all.

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