Enclosed Auto Transport


Are you a car collector who wants to ship classic car transport, auction transport, and other luxury vehicle transport? If yes, use enclosed car transport.  Vehicles are shipped in covered trailers that guard against weather and road conditions during transport. Your car is protected against the same elements you encounter while driving, such as rain, sun, dust, etc.

Enclosed Car Transport gives extra protection to your vehicle. Compared with open car transport, enclosed car transport is more expensive.

For enclosed transport, the cargo is enclosed and locked down in a container. Once the container is ready. it is shipped much like any other cargo would be by a freight hauler. There are no more than 2 or 3 cars per truckload.

Houston Car Transport

If you are looking for a reliable way to move your auction or luxurious vehicle to or from Houston, you can use Houston Car Transport services.

Houston Car Transport has been operating in the auto shipping industry for over 12 years. Throughout a decade we have gained expertise and extended network in the auto transportation industry. The services we offer are high quality and are well elaborated. We have added our service portfolio based on our customer needs and market trends. Our industry experts, as well as the facilities that comply with industry quality standards, will make your auto transportation experience enjoyable.

We have shipped over 100,000 vehicles nationwide, including Alaska and Hawaii. Constant communication with our customers, as well as our dedication and commitment to our job, make us distinguished from among other players in the market.

If you still doubt on which car transport fits you best or would like to get a quote, call us at (346) 200-8494. Our live agents will be happy to help you to book your shipment.

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