Our History

Houston Auto Shipping started as a small family business in 2006. The company started with 2-3 employees and now has grown into a big office space with various units, such as business development, sales, marketing, etc. Keeping pace with the shifting economy and job market, the company is now a leading auto shipping company.

Thanks to its commitment to quality and result, the company is now shipping vehicles nationwide, including Alaska and Hawaii. It is one of the largest and most reputable auto transport companies in the country. Customers include many satisfied individuals, as well as corporate clients in the moving and relocation, dealership, and auctions industries.

Since 2006, the company has shipped over 100,000 vehicles helping many people and companies relocate. Our priorities are safety and quality. Our customer base has extended thanks to the returning customers and referrals. Thanks to its extended network and cutting-edge facilities, the company has gained a reputation of a reliable partner.

The moving and relocation industry is developing. Hence, we recognize the need for technological solutions for businesses that regularly ship vehicles, and are currently working over innovative solutions in the auto transport industry.

Superior Services

The company has expanded its services based on the customer needs and market trends. The service portfolio has been added to embrace all the industry novelties and market trends. Our services include Open and Enclosed Car Transport, Expedited Auto Shipping. Auction Car Transport, Military Vehicle Equipment Shipment, Heavy Hauling, Door to Door Car Transport, Snowbird Transport Services.

Regardless the vehicle type and your preferences, you can be on the safe side that your vehicle is in secure hands. Interested? Call our professional live agents to learn more. If you would like to get a free quote. just fill in the form and get your free quote within a short period of time.

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