How To Prepare

Houston Auto ShippingOnce you decide to ship your car instead of driving long distances, you look for a reliable auto shipping company to work with.

Working with auto shipping company with experience and expertise makes your task easier.  You no longer have to worry about driving for hours and spend money on gas. Even if you have found a trustworthy auto transport company, you still need to know how to prepare your car before shipping. As a customer and owner of your precious vehicle, make sure you do everything for a safe and damage-free transportation and delivery.

Important tips on how to prepare your vehicle before shipping!

Here are some of the things you will have to do before your transporting your vehicle.

  • Remove your personal belongings from the car. The State law doesn’t allow auto transporters to ship any vehicle containing personal items from state to state. Make sure you remove all the expensive devices from the vehicle to secure them from damage or theft. The trunk should be empty as well.
  • Your vehicle needs to be washed before shipping. As soon as you find out the first available shipping date, get your car washed. Once your car is clean, do a thorough investigation.  Find out if your car has scratches or discoloration.
  • Take photos of the damaged parts of your vehicle. These photos are going to serve as a record. As soon as your car is ready for shipping, use these records to easily mark them on the Bill of Landing. It will be given to you by the carrier and you should sign.
  • Do not risk losing your cars’ keys. Make sure you have the copies.
  • Watch out for your gas tank. It should be only ¼ full. Additional gas is not needed.
  • Mechanical issues can cause damages to your car. Let the carrier know about any mechanical issue or leaks to avoid delays and damages.

All these steps will help you have safe, hassle-free auto transportation.


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