Brokers and Carriers

Brokers and carriersHiring an auto transport requires some understanding of how the industry works. It’s very important to learn about the shipping process and small details before you choose the company to work with.

In the process of transporting your vehicle, the brokers and carriers play very important, yet different roles.

Brokers don’t have their own transport trailers. So they make the transportation of the vehicle easier by connecting customers with the carriers. Brokers have a big network of car carriers in the country. That’s why they can also offer you a lower rate since they are in touch with multiple carriers. Brokers are responsible for verifying the USDOT authority, cargo insurance of the carrier company, federal licenses.

On the contrary, a carrier operates trucks. Often he is an owner-operator and is being able to give an exact time frame and compensate for the lost or damaged items.

Since transporting a vehicle is not an easy task, brokers and carriers are very useful in this process. A broker has an expertise and experience. The broker can guarantee that your car will be transported by a legitimate carrier.

Houston Auto Shipping is both a licensed carrier and a licensed, bonded and insured broker!

If you decide to ship your vehicle, take into a consideration that the time frame provided by the carriers is only an estimate. It’s possible that sometimes it will take additional time to get your vehicle picked up.

Houston Auto Shipping is an experienced auto shipping company. We know how to satisfy the demands of our customers. The reviews of the customers show that our services are provided in a way that no customer has nothing to worry about during transportation.

If you have any question regarding a shipment, don’t hesitate to consult with our customer agents. We will answer your questions and will arrange everything for you.


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