Cost to Transport a Car

Nowadays, the customers pay attention more to the price rather than on quality. Sometimes, the cost plays a major role in their purchasing decision. Nevertheless. Both quality and price must balance.

The total cost of the shipment is based on several factors. The size, make, model and the year of your vehicle, type of the trailer, the route, and seasonal fluctuations, play a role. Moreover, the condition of the car (running/non-running) also makes the cost of the transport.

Houston Auto Shipping offers high-quality services at affordable prices. Once you talk to our live agents and research the market, you will realize it is the best option.

For example, the cost to ship a car enclosed is much higher than the price range for open transport. However, as the title suggests, enclosed trailers can provide extra safety to your vehicle. The cost of the expedited car shipment may also be higher compared with the standard car shipping.

We cover all the services of the auto shipping industry at affordable prices. Door-to-door, expedited, military vehicle equipment, exotic and auction car shipping, snowbird transport services. Whatever you prefer we will handle it! If you have a certain timeframe to have your vehicle transported to a certain destination, no problem. We will organize the expedited car transport immediately.

Within 12 years, the company has shipped over 100,000 vehicles nationwide, including Hawaii and Alaska. Our customers choose us for quality, promptness, and reliability. Whether you or your company are relocating, we will manage the whole shipment process.

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