Jeep Cherokee Models Are Under Investigation By NHTSA

July 26, 2022

Jeep Cherokee Models Are Under Investigation By NHTSA

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Jeep is having problems with their Cherokees.
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As it turns out, the Jeep Cherokee is not a perfect SUV by any stretch of the imagination. There’s a likelihood of a massive recall on the horizon. Just ask the NHTSA who they themselves have been received about 80 complaints. Cherokee owners are consistently stating that there are problems with the electronic parking brakes. The issue itself has shown that the brake tends to activate only during the Cherokee being set in motion. Now the NHTSA believes that there may be a water leak as of a cause of the damage to the electronic parking brake module. This is all evidenced by the reports and documentation from repair invoices. Certainly, there’s almost too many Cherokees involved for this whole thing to be a singular instance. 1,341,055 units are at the “preliminary evaluation” level.

An example of complaints is discoverable on the NHTSA recalls site. The owner stated that the parking brake module was shown to him by the mechanic while water had been seeping into the system. The review reads as: “While driving on a four-lane highway at 65 mph the vehicle partially lost power and would not accelerate, upshift, or downshift, the brake lights started flashing, along with many other lights on the dash including check engine.”

The National Highway Traffic Safety Administration themselves are not yet issuing their own recall over the Jeep Cherokee brake issue.

This comes from the office of defects investigation, from a past recall in 2015 of just about 100,000 2014 to 2015 Jeep Cherokees. This discovery in itself came from the liftgate module getting damaged by water leakage. What a complicated development of results, if any at all! In which case the liftgate and brake modules are “located in a similar area of the vehicle.” The Jeep Cherokees are certainly strong enough to handle the basic needs.

The NHTSA’s recall website is full of updates themselves and are certainly going to state something soon regarding the Jeep Cherokee. It’s all in the interest of brakes that themselves can become stronger if just better monitored.

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