How to Take Care of a Vintage Car

September 28, 2022
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Follow our vintage car care tips to keep your baby looking fine!

How to Take Care of a Vintage Car

If you are a vintage car owner, you know your car requires a lot of special care. Even the most experienced car hobbyist can struggle with classic cars. Because they’re older and their technology is out of date, maintaining these cars can strain your budget and patience. However, they’re worth it in the end for their beauty and the joy of driving. So, if you have a vintage car you need to maintain, follow these tips to ensure it stays in good condition.

Storage Is a Big Part of Vintage Car Care

Everyone likes taking a nice vintage car out for a spin. However, if you want to preserve your car well, you’ll need to store it most of the time. Storing it in your own garage under a tarp is a great way to keep its exterior looking nice, especially during extreme weather. You really shouldn’t drive these cars in the winter at all, especially if your area gets a lot of snow. Not only could the snow damage your car, but the salt that many cities put on the roads can corrode the undercarriage, too. And if your car is really exotic, you might want to consider a more professional, temperature-controlled garage to keep it truly safe.

Make It a Habit to Check the Fluids More Regularly

For classic cars, regular maintenance is an absolute necessity. People don’t buy vintage so that they can replace all the inner workings of the car. They want their car to be exactly as it was when it came off the manufacturing line back in the day. This means that checking your brake fluid, oil, and other fluids religiously is a must. You should also keep an eye on your tires, as low tire pressure or tread can cause big issues in the long term.

When You Wash It, Wax It

Just like our last tip, you don’t want to have to cover up a great vintage paint job with a fresh coat. Waxing your car helps protect its lovely original paint job by giving it a nice protective coat. Plus, it makes your car shine like nothing else! Waxing isn’t just a vanity choice, though. It has a lot of utility in terms of keeping your car’s original paint looking nice and fresh.

Ship Your Vintage Car with Houston Auto Shipping

If you own a classic car, you don’t want to put unnecessary mileage on it. Therefore, if you need to move or head to a car show, you should ship your car! Houston Auto Shipping has an excellent enclosed transport service that is perfect for vintage cars. When we ship cars in our enclosed carriers, they’ll be completely protected from the elements during transport. It’s the perfect way to keep your vintage car looking just like the day you bought it!

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