UTHealth Behavior Sciences Center Finds Home in 2021

October 16, 2020
UTHealth Behavior Sciences Center Finds Home in 2021

First Public Mental Hospital

The UTHealth Behavior Sciences Center will make history in Houston, TX. This facility is the first public mental health hospital built in more than three decades. The Houston, TX-based facility will help so many people and address all their mental health needs. It will also be the largest of its kind in the United States. Therefore, this 222,000 square-foot, all-encompassing, state-of-the-art UTHealth Behavior Sciences Center is quite comprehensive in scope, size, and all its amenities.

New High-Tech Teaching Facility at UTHealth

The UTHealth has enlisted the help of architecture firm Perkins and Will to design the mental health facility near the Texas Medical Center. As a result, this future structure will “consist of two buildings connected by a glazed bridge, surrounded by a tranquil green space,” said Jullian Goltzman at Innovation Map.

UTHealth Educational Hospital and More

The facility will be an educational hospital. Future physicians and specialists are going to be trained there. The facility will provide healthcare but also substance use intervention. In addition, treatment and medical care will be available via integrated treatment programs, according to Innovative Map.

The infrastructure of this new building is to cautiously craft to assistant with the delicate needs of patient care. Important considerations in the development of the building were both light and sound.

Tranquil Atmosphere for Patients and Staff

A “peaceful environment for patients and staff” is the ultimate goal to create. Tunable light fixtures that adjust to the time of day and noise reduction coefficient acoustics to reduce noise impact are features of the facility.

Therapy Mall to Help Patients Transition to Everyday Life

The facility will include a therapy mall. The mall “can serve as a salon, boutique, fitness center, movie night spot, or music therapy space.

The UTHealth Behavior Sciences Center will be opening its doors in late 2021. The facility will include 264 inpatient beds.

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