Toyota Sequoia 2023 Could Get Same Improvements as the Tundra

September 9, 2021
Toyota Sequoia 2023 Could Get Same Improvements as the Tundra

The Toyota Sequoia 2023 featuring a three-row SUV should arrive in the near future along with the new generation of the 2022 Toyota Tundra full-size pickup truck. Moreover, like in its past two generations, the Sequoia is going to be closely related to the Tundra. These new Toyotas will use an updated platform and new six-cylinder powertrains, maybe include a hybrid.

Toyota New Trucks – TNGA-F Body-on-Frame Platform

Using the automaker’s TNGA-F body-on-frame platform are Toyota’s new trucks. The platform underpins the recently revealed 300-Series Land Cruiser. This vehicle and the Tundra will both use a solid rear axle. However, the Sequoia will continue to have an independent rear suspension setup. That is typical of three-row SUVs. Moreover, this latest Land Cruiser is not going to be selling in the U.S. Although it’s upmarket Lexus LS’s cousin will likely be. That means Sequoia is going to effectively replace the Land Cruiser at the large end of Toyota’s U.S. SUV lineup.

Sequoia Grille is Less Dramatic Looking

The carmaker’s artist’s image is showing what the new SUV could possibly look like. Moreover, it is based on a Toyota photo of the 2022 Tundra’s off-road-focused TRD Pro Model. This is a variant that the Sequoia should also get. Therefore, the differences between the two in prior generations we are seeing in the headlights and the grilles. Therefore, we expect Sequoia’s grille to look less dramatic than the new Tundra’s.

The present Sequoia’s 381-hp V-8 is more than likely to be replaced by a twin-turbocharged 3.4-liter V-6 engine. It is also expecting to power the new Tundra. Moreover, the engine does make 409 horsepower as well as 479 pound-feet of torque in the Land Cruiser. Also, likely is a hybrid drivetrain using this boosted six-cylinder. There is blue lettering in a teaser image of Toyota’s new iForce MAX powertrain. It could be a hint at that. Moreover, each powertrain is going to pair with a 10-speed automatic transmission. Also rear- and four-wheel-drive configurations will be available.

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