Toyota Avalon Is Dead In The U.S. After the 2022 Model Year

August 3, 2021
Toyota Avalon Is Dead In The U.S. After the 2022 Model Year

The Toyota Avalon is the most current sedan to bow out in the face of SUV supremacy. Toyota flagship four-door will be dead in the U.S. after the 2022 model year. Thus, ending a long run beginning over 25 years ago.

This issue did come out in the form of official communication that took place between Toyota and its suppliers. Apparently, the purchasing department slipped the information. They told suppliers in a letter that Avalon production at the automaker’s Georgetown, Kentucky manufacturing would end after the 2022 model year.

Avalon Production will Continue in China

Toyota spokesperson confirmed that Avalon production will continue in the Chinese market. It will be at the automaker’s Tianjin, China manufacturing plant. Then the big sedan will continue to go on for a little while longer, however only for buyers in China.

Toyota Avalon Origins

In 1994, the Avalon first appeared. It debuted at the Chicago Auto Show as a 1995 model. Then, the full-sized sedan did prove popular enough however it was never a major force in the market. However, one could argue it was never meant to be a luxurious Camry alternative thus despite sharing the Camry’s platform. Debuting in 2018, the current-generation Avalon, as a 2019 model, had switched from Toyota’s long-standing K platform to the TNGA-K architecture. Then, it was offered in a spicier TRD trim for the first time. However, the horsepower did not change. In fact, the Avalon TRD did adopt a pugnacious look with suspension tuning. There was a deeper exhaust note for some more excitement.

Buyers Have a Lackluster Response to the New Avalon

There is evidence which is based on year-over-year sales figures that hints that buyers are not very interested in the new Avalon, TRD trim, or otherwise. In 2019, which was the first full year for the fifth-generation Avalon and the last normal year for new car sales – that logged in at just 27,767 Avalon purchases in the US. Moreover, there was a 17.73-percent drop from 2018. In fact, things were predictably worse in 2020. There were only 18,421 sales. Moreover, that was a 33.7-percent drop. However, midway through 2021, Toyota did report 10,38 Avalon sales did increase 36.6 percent. The Avalon is still far behind. If you compared it to Camry’s 177,671 sales and the RAV4’s 183,360 mid-year 2021 stats.

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