Toyota 4Runner 2022 Features Key Updates to Make the Vehicle Fresh

October 14, 2021
Toyota 4Runner 2022 Features Key Updates to Make the Vehicle Fresh

Toyota introduced the current generation of the 4Runner. The vehicle does, in fact, benefit from key updates done in current years. The infotainment and safety tech and various new trim levels are introducing to keep things fresh. The new TRD Sport is introducing in 2022. Therefore it may be dubbed TRD On-Road with its big 20-inch wheels and the adaptive suspension borrowing from the Limited.

Toyota 4Runner: Chassis and Suspension

The Toyota 4Runner offers the same rugged truck-based chassis, capable suspension, ample clearances, and bulletproof reliability as the prior generations. It is a favorite among off-roaders everywhere. There is a lot of abundant interior space. It will allow it to be a practical alternative to the more family-friendly midsize crossover vehicles. Given new cars can be complex, a simpler one may be appealing for many people.

Nevertheless, the vehicle is putting together well. It has controls that are logically placing. Moreover, there is certainly something to be said for a rugged off-road vehicle that has a rugged interior. The standard 8-inch touchscreen is also of a typical size and has a reasonable amount of feature content, with standard Apple CarPlay, Android Auto, and Amazon Alexa integration. Simple tasks like changing radio stations are relatively easy to perform. However, it is not the fastest system nor the most modern in appearance.

This is where the 4Runner is really fine as-is. The cargo area floor is very low for a truck-based SUV. However, the space beyond is a big, boxy 47.2 cubic feet. That is even when you add the novel slide-out cargo floor that does reduce capacity, there’s still a huge amount of space. There is a maximum cargo capacity with the back seat lowering is 89.7 cubic feet. It would rival many three-row crossovers and surpass many two-row models.

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