Texas Rangers Make it to World Series

October 30, 2023

Texas Rangers Make it to World Series

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This World Series is already making history.
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For the first time in over a decade, the Texas Rangers make their return to the World Series. Having last competed for the biggest title in baseball in 2011, Texans are full of pride for their team to make their return. The Rangers are set to face off with the Arizona Diamondbacks in an extremely unexpected World Series match-up. Both teams had very unsteady regular seasons, barely making it to postseason games.

Both teams actually had a higher loss count than win count in previous years.

For the 2022 season, the Diamondbacks rounded out their season with 74 wins and 88 losses. The Rangers finished with 68 wins and 94 losses. This season, they both made unexpected changes, playing a stronger game. Arizona finished the regular season with 84 wins and 78 losses, and the Rangers finished out with 90 wins and 72 losses. Their total win count of 174 is the lowest total wins between the two teams playing in the World Season in history, aside from shortened seasons.

The Diamondbacks did individually make history this season by becoming the team to steal the most bases in baseball. Throughout the regular season they stole a total of 166 bases. New rules made stealing bases easier this season, and they seized the opportunity.

This series overall is history making in general, given the average season both teams had. Both teams made it all the way to the series because of being Wildcard game winners. Neither team actually won their divisions. This makes the 2023 World Series the third ever series to be between two wildcard teams.

Some traditionalist baseball fans were upset by the wildcard aspect of their success this season.

Some fans are so upset by the game structure now, that they are against the entire postseason structure. There is a subset of Major League Baseball fans who feel the sport should go back to its far older system in which there is no postseason aside from the World Series itself. Teams would play the regular season, then the leading team from the National League and the American League were face off for the championship series.

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