Teens fleeing from police cause crash

June 28, 2019

Teens fleeing from police cause crash

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HOUSTON, Texas – Police chased a group of teenagers in a car on Friday. Then, the teenagers ran into another car. This crash caused concern among many about the actions of the police, though they seem to be in the clear.

Houston police officers reported the incident occurred on Friday morning, June 28. Specifically, the chase and accident happened in the southwest area of Houston.

Additionally, the teenagers T-boned the unsuspecting car. This is what ended the chase.

Police reported the crash around 3 a.m. Specifically, the crash happened in the 10200 block of Green Fork Drive. Additionally, this occurred at the Beltway feeder road.

Then, police said five teenagers were in the car. Furthermore, they were all between the ages of 15 and 16.

Still, police officers have not released the names or identities of any of the teenagers. They have not made it clear when they will release their names, if they do at all.

Currently, medical officials have not reported the extent of their injuries. However, they would likely have reported if there were deaths involved, so it’s likely that the teens are still alive.

Other Driver in Police Fleeing Crash Speaks Out

Still, officials identified the other driver as Fahad Maniar. OnSceneTV interviewed Fahad. He said that the car “came out of nowhere”.

Furthermore, he added, “It’s horrible. They were young kids ….what can you say?”

Fahad suffered minor injuries only.

Initially, police officers attempted to pull them over for a traffic violation. However, once the police officers exited the vehicle, the teenagers fled.

Police reported that this is what caused the chase.

Then, the teenagers led the police on a chase for about five minutes. Eventually, they crashed. This ended the chase.

Furthermore, police officers found two weapons in the vehicle.

As of Friday morning, officials did not specify what charges they would bring to the teenagers.

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