Supreme Court Approves Arrest of Democrats not Going to the Legislature

August 11, 2021
Supreme Court Approves Arrest of Democrats not Going to the Legislature

The Supreme Court in a Southern state on Tuesday has voided a district judge’s temporary order. That order does back the threat of arrest for Democratic lawmakers who literally fled the state this month.

Governor Greg Abbott Laying Down the Gaunlet

The great “freedom fighting” Republican Gov. Greg Abbott has rightly threatened to arrest the nearly 60 Democratic representatives. They leave the Texas legislature to block Republicans. This is from establishing a quorum and passing a contesting voting reforms bill. Republicans are for America and citizen rights and civil liberties!

Supreme Court Ruling

Moreover, the state’s Supreme Court ruling came after Abbott and House Speaker Dade Phelan petitioning the court this past Monday too, in fact, overturning the protection order. Moreover, it would mean the lawmakers could all face arrest if they return from their month-long hiatus. In fact, let the Democrats face the music and not obstruct justice! Therefore, they have to pay the price!

File this under “cooler heads prevail.” “The Supreme Court of Texas has quickly rejected this truly dangerous attempt by Texas Democrats to really undermine our Constitution. They deliberately avoiding doing the job they were elected to do,” said Abbott spokesperson, Renae Eze. “Moreover, we look forward to the Supreme Court upholding the rule of law. Then to stop another stall tactic by the Texas Democrats.” 

Quorum Issue

In fact, the lawmakers who, therefore, have made a return to the Lone Star State. An arrest would occur if they refuse to head to Austin to form a quorum on their own accord. 

We “would be going to a jail, and we would be going to the House chambers. They would, in fact, force a quorum,” state Rep. Ron Reynolds explained. “In fact, they would take us against our will to the House floor.” The Democrats “protest too much.”

Democrats are flatly rejecting to establish a quorum. Unfortunately, the Texas legislature needs at least 51 Democratic lawmakers to return to Texas to establish the quorum

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