Straight-Ticket Voting Eliminated in Texas by U.S. Federal Judge

September 29, 2020
Straight-Ticket Voting Eliminated in Texas by U.S. Federal Judge

Straight-Ticket Voting

HOUSTON, TX: A U.S. judge is blocking the state of Texas from eliminating straight-ticket voting. This is no longer an option for people who go to the polls in November. The U.S. judge is blocking the state from doing this less than three weeks before early voting begins in Texas. As a result, the ruling made by U.S. judge Marina Garcia Marmolejo, cites the COVID-19 pandemic as the reason. Marmolejo said the elimination of the voting practice would “cause irreparable injury” to voters. This is, in turn, would create mass lines at the polls. Furthermore, increasing the number of times voters get exposure from COVID-19.

Furthermore, Marmolejo said she thought a GOP-backed law would “impose a discriminatory burden” on black and Hispanic voters. Thus “create comparatively less opportunities for these voters to participate in the political process.”

Recalibrating Voting Machines, Reprint Ballots

In turn, Marmolejo says she knows there is a burden that the decision could put on local and state election officials. They, in turn, will have to recalibrate the machines or reprint ballots. She also said there is potential harm for people suing. This would include the Texas Association for Retired Americans. As a result of “outweighing inconveniences resulting.”

Immediate Appeal of Straight-Ticket Voting

Texas Attorney General Ken Paxton said in a statement the day after the ruling that his office put forth a motion to stop the judge’s order. In turn, he intends to file an immediate appeal of the district court’s ruling. Paxton said he felt the court got away from its prior reasoning. Then put forth straight-ticket voting only weeks before a general election.

Popular Practice of Straight-Ticket Voting
General-Election Voters

The popular practice of straight-ticket the allowed general-election voters to vote for all of the candidates of either party in an election by simply picking a straight-ticket option at the top of the ballot.

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