"Shooter Possibly Inspired by foreign terrorists," says the FBI

August 31, 2021
“Shooter Possibly Inspired by foreign terrorists,” says the FBI

A shooter in a Southwest state maybe has been inspiring by foreign terrorists when he, in fact, killed a Lyft driver in a local suburb. Currently, investigators are looking into that. Then this shooter later opened fire into the police station of another suburb when the officials later fatally shot him.

Shooter Kills Lyft Driver

Imran Ali Rasheed, according to police, ordered a Lyft in his home city on Sunday then fatally shot the driver. She was Isabella Lewis. A short time later, her stolen car was found outside the police station in the neighboring community. This is where Rasheed did begin shooting in the lobby before being shot by officers. In a news conference, police chiefs in both cities said this at a news conference yesterday.

Shooter may Have Acted Alone

The special agent in charge of the FBI’s city office of Texas, Matthew DeSarno, said the investigators believing that Rasheed acting alone but that the 33-year-old left a letter indicating he “may have been inspiring by a foreign terrorist organization.” DeSarno did not offer more specifics in the letter. Also declining to identify the group.

Counterterrorism Investigation

From 2010 to 2013, DeSarno said Rasheed was the subject of a counterterrorism investigation. At the time, the case wound up being closing after the agents did determine Rasheed did not currently pose a threat. In fact, the agency’s regional terrorism task force is working on the investigation of Lewis’ killing, he said.

Isabella Lewis and Imran Ali Rasheed Have no Connection

There is no known connection between Lewis and Rasheed, according to the authorities. Though it is unclear why he did go to the local police department. “We really don’t know why he came here to find the police officers,” Ed Drain, the city’s police chief, said.

Shooter Later Died

Later on Sunday, Rasheed died of his injuries at a hospital, Drain said. Moreover, the officers’ shooting of him is being investigating in cooperation with the local County District Attorney’s Office, he said.

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