Selecting Which Auto Transportation Service is Best for You

March 27, 2024

Selecting Which Auto Transportation Service is Best for You

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Open air auto transportation is our top seller!
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Did you know that our auto transportation services are the very best in the business? We absolutely guarantee that no matter how you have your vehicle shipped, as long as it is down with us, your vehicle will be in safe and secure hands! However, you can make your auto transportation service even more perfect for you by giving us a call and learning all about our main auto transportation service methods and seeing which method is best for you and your needs. Or you can read on and see which method is the best match for you!

To start, let us cover which auto transportation methods are our top methods.

By far, our most popular auto transportation service is our open air auto transportation! With this service, your vehicle is shipped on a trailer that is connected to a truck. The trailer is one that exposes the vehicle to the outside air, hence the shipping style’s name ‘open air.’ This shipping style is often low cost but very secure still, leading many to turn to this shipping style. The only room for potential issues comes in if you have a car that you do not want exposed to outside elements.

This shipping method, being that your cars are out and open, means your vehicle is exposed to things such as wind, rain, dust storms, and any other natural elements your driver may come across while in transit. Essentially, these are the same things your car is at risk of when driving on the road itself, but some people may want to protect their vehicle from this while shipping it.

If you are the person who wants to protect your vehicle from natural elements, consider our enclosed auto transportation!

Enclosed auto transportation is exactly what it sounds like, a shipping style in which your vehicle is shipped from inside a truck that is surrounded by four walls, fully closing in your vehicle. This adds an extra layer of protection for those who want to keep natural elements away from your vehicle. Typically, this shipping style is selected when shipping cars that are vintage, collectibles, or luxury cars in some other way, however you can opt for this shipping method no matter what kind of vehicle you are shipping!

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