Sanitizer, Toilet Paper Stolen From Restaurants

March 10, 2020
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Sanitizer, Toilet Paper Stolen From Restaurants

As outbreak fears travel faster than the actual virus they result from, Houston area businesses discover missing sanitizer bottles and toilet paper.

In an interview with, local business owner Rich Andrews relayed his troubles regarding the sudden disappearance of supplies. He noticed the small sanitizer bottled placed out on each table of his Potatoe Patch restaurant went missing.

Then, when he called his supplier to order a fresh batch, they suggested he check on toilet paper, as well. To his surprise, his toilet paper stock depleted in the same timeframe.

A fresh shipment of 80 rolls dropped to 12 in two days.

Another business owner reported the same frustration. Chantal Cashi, owner of Palava Family Entertainment, noticed a sudden depletion in sanitizer bottles. No empties appeared in the trash.

People swiped them.

Sanitizer, Supplies Fly Off Store Shelves

Additionally, grocery stores face dwindling supplies. Store shelves emptied in recent weeks. In response, store managers at many Houston area supermarkets implemented restrictions. Shoppers can only purchase a limited number of sanitizer bottles, cleaners, over the counter medications, and other supplies.

While people find time to buy, horde, and even steal supplies, they otherwise trim time spent in public. Business owners fear plummeting profits as a result of coronavirus anxieties.

Furthermore, industries across the globe face downturns because of COVID-19. Talk of recession inspires some government officials to call for stimulus packages. While the world’s economy has been flirting with recession for over a year, the outbreak may finally push it over the edge.

President Trump met with Senate Republicans to devise an economic response. However, following Tuesday’s meeting, many attendees expressed confusion about a way forward. They appear uncertain of any specific solution.

Meanwhile, the public health response also remains murky, with testing falling behind most other nations.

Overall, the governmental response to coronavirus leaves many questioning the severity of its impact in light of a lack of preparation.

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