Robot Delivery Heads to College Campus

November 12, 2019
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Robot Delivery Heads to College Campus

HOUSTON, TX – The 53,000 students enrolled at the University of Houston now have the luxury of robot delivery. This means, by pressing one button on a smartphone app, a robot will appear delivering food and snacks of your choice. According to UH officials, a new fleet of 30 Starship autonomous robots will wander the campus distributing groceries and snacks to students, teachers, and staff.

Moreover, Chartwells Higher Education has teamed up with the Starship automaton program to bring robot delivery to the university. It should be noted that UH is the first college in Texas to offer robot delivery on campus.

Furthermore, UH associate vice president for administration, Emily Messa expressed sheer enthusiasm about the delivery service. In a press release, Messa called the robotic service revolutionary. Also, stating that the new delivery method will make it more convenient for campus students and alike to take advantage of the various dining programs UH offers.

According to Messa, the university did not have to pay for the new service. Instead, it is funded by the customers. However, the campus plans to continue enhancing their food delivery capabilities.

Apart from this, robot delivery service does come with a $1.99 delivery fee. Vendors participating in the program include Drexler’s, Starbucks, Einstein Brothers Bagels, Panda Express, and Cougar Village Market. Not to mention, the robot can also be tracked from the time of pickup to delivery.

Houston is no stranger to advanced technology and experimental food delivery programs. In fact, the new Whole Foods Market in Midtown utilizes a robotic barista. Also, robots are headed to work the salad station at Texas Medical Center. And, just this year Domino’s Pizza announced that they will soon launch driverless delivery in Houston.

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