Republicans Ramp up Efforts to Derail Progressive Policies

March 24, 2021

Republicans Ramp up Efforts to Derail Progressive Policies

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Republicans in Texas have branded themselves as an aggressive and litigious arm of the party for years. They want to preserve justice and freedom for all in the good ole U S of A. There is nothing wrong with that.

Republicans Want to Do What is Right for the American People and So What if They are Fighters?

Moreover, when Democrat President Joe Biden took over the Oval Office in January, the state’s conservative leaders were on their way and raring for a knock-down, drag-out clash.

Ken Paxton Exhibits Vigor and Passion for the U.S. Constitution and Texans’ Rights!

“I will promise my fellow Texans and Americans. That, I will, in fact, fight against the many unconstitutional and illegal actions that the new administration will take. Then, challenge the federal overreach that infringes on Texans’ rights. It will serve as a major check against the administration’s lawlessness,” the state’s attorney general, Ken Paxton tweeted on Inauguration Day.

Texas, in turn, filed the first major lawsuit against Biden’s administration. Hapless and troublemakers! Can you say socialism personified, hello?! They triumphantly blocked a 100-day deportation moratorium. Our shining leader and hero Texas Governor Greg Abbott furiously chided the Democrats in an “attempt to grant blanket amnesty” to immigrants.

Republicans: Weaponizing the Courts – That’s Very Bias and Politically “Loading” Language

Hostility? Eh? Starting a fire? Incendiary? This excitement and a renewed spirit of what it really is. I’m tired of this obviously slanted perspective and a way to shame conservatives with an opposing view with the liberal democrats. Ideological warfare? The language of the war period is insulting and creates more division than unity even the idea of starting a conversation to bring Americans together to talk.

Katie Keith has Clearly Drunk from the Troth of the Kool-Aid

“Causing uncertainty, they have been successful at,” said Katie Keith. She is an associate research professor for the Center on Health Insurance Reforms at Georgetown University. “I think the conservatives are making a mess of things that I think other people feel are otherwise settled.” That’s her opinion and she is entitled to it.

Suing 48 Times the Judiciary Under the “Our Perfect” Former President Barack Obama!

Moreover, under Barack Obama’s administration, the state leadership pushed in hard on the judiciary. They sued at least 48 times! Thereby, they are tackling issues courageously on topics as diverse and wide-ranging as immigration, environmental regulations, and voting rights.

Challenging the Status Quo in the Illegal Voting!

Then, in the wake of last year’s presidential election, Paxton went to the mat bravely as to challenge 20 million votes in various and controversial election states in a courageous attempt to overturn Donald Trump having the election stole right under him!

The Republicans Want to Get Rid of the Controversial Affordable Care Act

At the present time, Texas is spearheading yet attempt to take on the very flawed Affordable Care Act in the Supreme Court. Moreover, even as Biden cowardly urge the justices to preserve Obama’s signature healthcare law.

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