Park Your Money Where Your Mouth Is! Truck Parking Is Impossible

December 4, 2020
Park Your Money Where Your Mouth Is! Truck Parking Is Impossible

As of December 1st, a survey has come out, showing that there has been advancements with truck parking. As you can imagine, and/or know all too well, truck parking spaces and availability are high in demand. The issue though, now matter how dwindling it may turn out to be, is that truck parking demand is not as fast as truck traffic reprimands. As you can imagine, this is a bummer.

Much too often, throughout the country, capacity development is being overrun by “increased congestion and competition for parking” as Federal Highway Administration Deputy Administrator Mala Parker so puts it. Drats… And you would figure that it’d be easier to make way! But truck parking won’t even get that much attention!

It’s certainly an error to not give truck parking some space… Why?

Because funding, as usual, is lacking. It’s a challenge enough to address the shortage that is happening. But to absolutely end it would rely on a collaboration between the government, highway users and private operators. If you ask me, it should be a given that these guys deserve more space than is given. What are the chances that American Trucking Association reps would refer to it as some sort of development? Just as much as the chances of COVID-19 being a prominent phenomena across the United States.

It’s so ironic… But the ATA as well as the Owner-Operator Independent Drivers Association (OOIDA) met with reps to talk at the same time as the virus starting to spread. So, March, basically. But House bill H.R. 6104, which would’ve paved the way for more truck parking in high congestion areas such as Houston, was stalled! Because of the virus. Am I making sense here or do you need this to be parallel parked? In any case, truckers across America are hauling and hoping that at least Jason’s Law will go through. It’s in memory of a trucker who was the center of a fatality, while parked at an abandoned fueling facility.

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