North Texas City Deals with Constant Trucks

February 1, 2024

North Texas City Deals with Constant Trucks

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The alternative route truckers have to take consists of country and farm-to-market roads.
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A small city in North Texas, Glen Rose, is known for its very quaint and peaceful downtown area. It is full of shops of all kinds, from antique stores and boutiques to bookstores and coffee shops. The city is the picture of a quiet, little, small town where not much happens. However, that is all changing as the city finds itself in a legal battle with trucks. Yep, that is right, trucks, semitrucks more specifically.

The Glen Rose City Council recently passed an ordinance that bans semitrucks from driving on the roads through the town square.

The city has had a continuous problem of semitruck drivers driving on their roads, especially through the town square, when the roads are simply not built for them. The roads are narrow and other drivers on the road have expressed worries and fears when the semitrucks are passing by them. One city administrator, Troy Hill, called the issue one of public safety after declaring “this is an unsafe situation.”

The ordinance was not a hard sell to the city council and was quickly passed on December 12th. Since it passed; however, truck drivers have not been abiding by the new rules and even immediately began to make legal threats. City administrator Hill said that the city has received complaints from “shipping companies, area rock quarries,” and several other prominent Texas trucking entities. People have argued that this ordinance is anti-business and discriminatory on the part of the city.

Truckers do have an alternate route available to them that they simply just do not want to have to use.

In order for truckers to avoid the town square, truck drivers would have to take country roads or “farm-to-market” roads. This detour route does add some time and is certainly not ideal, but it poses far less risk to drivers, both of the trucks and other vehicles on the road. The town is typically driven through when drivers are en route to or from Fort Worth, as the town of Glen Rose is just about 55 miles outside of Fort Worth.

The city council has received letters and other various notifications claiming the ordinance is unlawful. One such letter specially wrote that the ordinance goes against Texas Department of Transportation codes of conduct. They claim that it is not within the power of this city to reroute truck drivers in such a way. So far, no further legal action has come through, but it is unknown how long that will last.

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