Million Mile Batteries: Why Are They Important?

July 13, 2020

Million Mile Batteries: Why Are They Important?

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The million mile battery is approaching completion. With EV pioneer Tesla at the helm, the prospects of having batteries that can drive to the Moon and back are reshaping the industry.

For consumers, this means their cars will be able to circle the world numerous times. This obviously sounds great for consumers who typically get 200,000 miles on their cars.

Unfortunately, this focus isn’t for consumer vehicles. As most vehicles do not last nearly that long before the body falls out, these batteries have the purpose of supporting commercial vehicles.

Semi trucks, vans and buses all have longevity in mind. Many of these can travel upwards of 500,000 miles – almost half the rate as the new batteries.

Million Mile Batteries Will Boost Commercial Vehicles

Commercial vehicles are quickly becoming the focal point for many EV manufacturers. Where Tesla holds the lead for many consumer EV purchases, companies like GM and Nikola are trying different routes.

The focus is on the commercial industry. With GM manufacturing utility vans and Nikola creating competition for the Tesla Semi, many are securing their hold on specific markets.

Tesla, while still maintaining a strong-hold, is spearheading the development for longer lasting and more efficient batteries.

Impact On Consumer Vehicles

While the commercial sector will greatly improve with new technologies, the consumer side of things might not benefit as much. Most vehicles do not last nearly as long as buses and semi trucks. While the odometer can sometimes get up to 300k miles before the car runs into structural problems, a million mile battery might not be important to the sector.

Speculation within the used car industry has risen. If the battery can achieve one million miles, then what would be the purpose of selling and old car. Industry specialists are currently looking at the impact of second-hand auto markets.

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