Military Communities Throughout Texas Average $15.3M in Grants

January 12, 2022

Military Communities Throughout Texas Average $15.3M in Grants

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Military communities across Texas will receive a new round of $15.3 million in grants from the Texas Military Preparedness Commission’s (TMPC) Defense Economic Adjustment Assistance Grant (DEAAG) program. This is what Governor Greg Abbott did announce. Moreover, these grants do assist military communities across the state. In fact, they may be impacted by any future Base Realignment and Closure (BRAC) round.

Military Communities – Installations and Jobs

There are funds that will be invested in infrastructure projects. Also, other initiatives will increase the military value. Plus the installations in Texas and then project the jobs in those communities.

“The economy in Texas is really resurging, there is support for our Armed Forces communities. In addition, to the jobs they are creating which is vital to continue to expand the opportunity for the hardworking Texans who are across the state,” said Governor Abbott. “Plus, there are only 15 prominent military installations and the Army Futures Command in Texas. That is critical to our nation’s defense. Moreover, they can also add over $123 billion to the state’s economy and support. Both directly and indirectly. There are more than 633,000 jobs in communities across this mighty state. In fact, that is why I’m going to continue to work with the Texas Legislature and TMPC then to ensure that our military installations will continue to add unparallel value.”

Governor Greg Abbott, since 2015, has awarded $98,000,000 in grants to the Armed Forces communities. This is through the DEAAG program. Every Texas active-duty installation, as of this round of FY2022-2023 grants, has benefitted from a DEAAG award.

DEAAG Reimbursements

The following entities will receive FY2022-2023 DEAAG reimbursements: $375,000 for 5G and Fiber Expansion at Dyess Air Force Base, $800,000 for Clear Zone Easement supporting a Naval Air Station, $1,900,000 for Military Family Advocacy Resource Center Renovation at a Naval Air Station Joint Reserve Base, $5,000,000 for Infrastructure and Force Protection Measures, $5,000,000 for Microgrid at Robert Gray Army Field, $864,874 for Aerospace Physiology Building Renovation, and $1,407,711 for T-1A Flight Line Building Renovation.

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