Men Kidnapped Women Forcing Them to Take out Cash From an ATM

July 23, 2021
Men Kidnapped Women Forcing Them to Take out Cash From an ATM

Men who kidnapped two women forcing them to take out cash from an ATM are being sought by police. This kidnapping occurred on Monday, May 3rd, shortly before midnight. In fact, the two women were talking in the parking after eating dinner at a restaurant. The restaurant was located at 3000 block of Audley Street in an area of a Southern city and state.

Men, who are Suspects, Anxious to get More Money

“In fact, these suspects had then decided that they wanted more money. But, moreover, had to wait for a bank to open,” said Houston, Texas police. “In fact, they drove the complainants to a hotel. There they forced them to stay overnight.”

Complainants Didn’t Sleep Because They were Fearful

Therefore, these women had reportedly kept each other safe by staying awake. Thus keeping an eye on each other throughout the course of the night, according to police.

Investigators say the suspects did drive the women to a bank and then force them to take out more cash the next month.

Men Made the Women Sell Their Cell Phones

In fact, the suspects even made the women sell their cell phones at an EcoATM. This ATM gives you instant cash for a phone right on the spot. Then the women were dropping off, both unharming, in the 100 blocks of West Gray.

On Thursday, the police released detailed sketches of the suspects.

In fact, one of the suspects is being described as a Black man in his late 20s to early 30s. He is about 5 feet 9 inches tall or 5 feet 11 inches tall. The second suspect, that is also describing as a Black man in his 20s, is reportedly 6 feet tall with a thin build.

Please contact Crime Stoppers directly if anyone has information.

Moreover, this information could lead to the charging and/or arrest of any felony suspects may, in fact, result in a cash payment of up to $5,000.

Therefore, if you have a tip, please call 713-222-TIPS (8477) or go ahead and submit an online tip at or through the Crime Stoppers mobile app.

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