Lucid Motors Unleashing A Less Expensive Version Of Its Flagship Sedan

October 26, 2020
Lucid Motors Unleashing A Less Expensive Version Of Its Flagship Sedan

The Lucid Motors Company is one that have shot up to a certain notoriety as of recent. Recently in October, Lucid told the press that there is a version of the Lucid Air that will go on sale for $77,400. There will be less horsepower but at least it has less range as well. (406 miles versus the original 517.)

However, the truth is that the model itself won’t be available until 2022. Two, more expensive versions of the Air will go on sale in the second quarter of 2021. Like plenty of Electric Vehicle automakers, Lucid’s hopeful.

Lucid Motors wants to take Tesla’s strategy of selling plenty of superbly expense-full cars with the sincere hope of creating more cash flow to create a product more affordable by the American Public. The Lucid Air is in direct competition with the Tesla Model S for potential buyers to ogle at.

However, the company Lucid Motors actually considers Mercedes-Benz and their S-Class as the kings to overthrow.

Mercedes themselves have gone through releasing an update of their own with the flagship S-Class. Combining updated technology with a further advanced voice assistant, the S-Class is reliably ever-so-active on gasoline. The customers don’t mind, as the electric drivetrain belongs for a different time and a different place in Mercedes’ timeline.

Lucid has it’s next vehicle already in the works. They are creating an SUV. There is a trend that is catching on, not only with all-electric cars but with all-electric SUVs.

The New Lucid Air will be available with a reservation. No, you don’t have to have reservations about planning in advance. It’s actually quite alright.

You can snag one of the Lucid Motors for $300! (Reservation fee)

The other two models in it’s armada are the Lucid Air Grand Touring and the Lucid Air Dream Edition, for respectively $139,000 and $169,000.

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