Lawmakers Chase $2.3 Billion Proposal To Help Child Care

May 10, 2023

Lawmakers Chase $2.3 Billion Proposal To Help Child Care

You are currently viewing Lawmakers Chase $2.3 Billion Proposal To Help Child Care
Child Care is of the utmost importance in Texas.
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In the state of Texas, there’s a difficulty occurring for the child care industry. It’s all in need of greater investments in things like day care and early education. The budget request has been added to the 2024-2025 spending plan. That of which is under negotiation by Senate and House lawmakers. If accepted, the budget request will be instrumental in giving a direct-to-provider payment of nearly $1,000 per child per year. All in regards to the number of children that a day care facility has been licensed to serve.

Funding in regards to this have gone directly to various child care centers. Nearly about 13,000 of them and child care homes ran by nearly 6,600 licensees throughout the state. Additionally, there are needs that are to be met for the funding to support so many recruitment and operational costs and retention efforts. Providers are certain that it can be used to raise the wages of staff and educators from $12 per hour to around $15 per hour.

When it’s approved, lawmakers are looking to swap out the federal funding with the state money which facilities have been receiving.

After the events of 2020, about $4 billion in COVID-19 relief funds had been sent to nearly 10,790 Texas child care providers in about 85% of Texas countries to cover the costs for about 836,000 children, all in regards to the Federal Administration for Children and Families’ Office of Child Care.

There are still doubts that the state funding is going to end up being a part of the following two-year state budget, which may total out to beyond $300 billion as it passes through. Legislative budget negotiators can be in a very tricky spot as they handle the huge issue of clashing over which items should be funded. throughout the House and Senate proposals as they juggle about $200 Billion for general revenue.

The budget compromise is said to be given to either of the two chambers in order to come to a vote later on in the month. Insofar, the request would become relegated to the unfunded “wish list” area of the budget, as it’s open to negotiation, while it’s not quite yet included at the bottom of budget proposal.

Thanks to the Texas Workforce Commission, administered amounts of money exist for the care of the community of children that needs to be cared for. The pandemic starting off three years ago forced the state of Texas to siphon the money carefully.

In particular, the centers are being received an average of $303,500 through that span of time, and child care family homes can receive an average of $24,900. $850 million is sent to the child care financial assistance for parents. $234 million will be able to support the child care expansion initiatives while also $155 million for many projects that can improve the quality of child care. Such as the development of brand-new registration of various apprenticeship programs for development scholarship plans for child care workers. As the providers return to full capacity, there are even less customers and staff members according to various members of Texas-wide groups of child care community stakeholders.

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