JB Straubel Is Recycling Nissan Leaf Battery From Redwood Materials

February 24, 2021
JB Straubel Is Recycling Nissan Leaf Battery From Redwood Materials

The co-founder of Tesla is really a self-starter. JB Straubel has made it known to work with Redwood Materials. So that they can recycle Nissan Leaf battery packs. JB Straubel has founded Redwood Materials who would announce that they had a deal with AESC in order to recycle Nissan Leaf batteries. There is no actual deal that JB Straubel has not been able to make solid through Nissan Leaf has their batteries being recycled by JB Straubel’s Redwood Materials.

They do plan to continue recycle scrapped batteries. In a statement, JB Straubel had said this. “Redwood Materials has reached an agreement to recycle scrap and defective battery cells for Envision AESC, which manufactures batteries for the Nissan Leaf. It is the latest move for the company Straubel started in 2017 to supply battery makers and auto companies with raw materials in short supply as EV production surges around the world.”

JB Straubel is trying.

Tesla isn’t quite recycling their batteries as well. However, they have battery cells produced by Panasonic meant for use by Tesla. He had mentioned that they “bring the materials back to a very clean and sort of fundamental state so there is no loss in effectiveness. It’s actually indistinguishable whether there is cobalt coming via an old battery or from a mine.”

Redwood Materials apparently is trying for batteries from various phones, laptops, and other electronic devices. Their stock is quickly approaching the horizon. Granted there isn’t quite a space that as many companies such as JB Straubel and his Redwood Materials will hit. The EV Battery recycling space is what they call a gold mine just awaiting the opportunity to go public. Usually, as it turns out, the stock speculation hear-say.

Redwood Materials and their stock isn’t quite as available on the market. But maybe it will be eventually.

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