Insurance Coverage


Houston Auto Shipping fully insures your vehicle during the whole shipment process. From the moment it gets loaded onto the truck, to the moment it is taken off, you get insurance. The carrier’s insurance covers $1,000,000 liability and $250,000 cargo.

Even though we have the highest rate of delivering the vehicle damage-free, the law requires to fully insure the vehicles.

At pickup or delivery, we strongly encourage all our customer to inspect the vehicle with the driver against any damages. You should mark any identified damage and put notes on the Bill of Lading.  You need the signed Bill of Lading/Vehicle Conditional report to get insurance in case any damage occurs during transportation.

We allow 100 lbs extra space without any extra charges. If you need extra luggage to  transfer, you should consult our agents . However, please note that our drivers are not responsible for personal or household goods. You are responsible for it.  Our carriers are automotive classified.

We have the highest rate of transporting the vehicles without any damage during transportation. With Houston Auto Shipping, your vehicle will be transported safe and fast!

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