Huge Crates Causing Major Houston Traffic

August 2, 2019
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Huge Crates Causing Major Houston Traffic

HOUSTON, TX – Two massive crates will travel through Houston causing major traffic delays. Several roads will be impacted.

Beginning Friday, two huge wooden boxes leaving northwest Houston will be transported to the Bayport Cruise Terminal. The time of travel is expected to take four nights.

According to Specialized Logistics’ owner Ronnie Smith, this is one of the biggest truck transports to ever hit Houston. Therefore, the move will require a lot of assistance. More than 30 state troopers will help facilitate the transport. There are also 20 cherry-picker trucks in place to block the traffic as well. Not to mention all the power lines and traffic signs that will need to be relocated.

Additionally, there are also a few things you should know about the crates and how to avoid the traffic this weekend.

The crates contain parts to a drilling ship. The largest box measures 56 feet long, 27 feet tall, and 24 feet wide. And, it took four days to construct.

However, the smaller crate took only three days, and measures 30 feet long, 24 feet tall, and 16 feet wide.

Furthermore, once the crates reach the Bayport Cruise Terminal, they will be loaded on a special ship to Korea. The boxes are expected to reach Korea in early September.

Moreover, the crates will leave from W-Industries on Petropark Drive on Friday evening and arrive in Sugar Land Saturday morning. Additional city routes include Fresno, Manvel, Arcola, Pearland, League City, and Webster. The crates are expected to reach Bayport Cruise Terminal on Tuesday.  

Therefore, drivers should avoid these routes, if possible.

Moreover, during Monday night’s transport, a section of I-45 Gulf Freeway will be shut down for several hours. This section includes Bay Area Boulevard and NASA Parkway. Additionally, some neighborhood may also experience a temporary power outage.

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