Houston Police Chief Arrests Speeding Driver

September 6, 2019
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Houston Police Chief Arrests Speeding Driver

HOUSTON, TX – On his way home Thursday night, Houston Police Chief Art Acevedo apprehended a man for speeding. According to the chief, the man was driving more than 110 mph in the downtown sector of Houston.

Furthermore, the man who was driving a white Mercedes was racing a green Dodge Charger at the time he was pulled over. Initially, the Charger sped passed the chief while he was driving home from work on Interstate 10.

As a result, the Houston Police Chief began pursuing the Charger, which was going 100 mph. However, while in pursuit, the Mercedes flew right passed him. Therefore, Acevedo called in the chase through his radio, and Air Support aided in the pursuit.

Additionally, the Mercedes was heading southbound on I-45, before the driver exited on Dallas Street. Also, running through a red light in the process.

This is when Acevedo turned on his police lights and pulled the Mercedes over.

Moreover, once pulled over, the driver told the police chief that he saw the other car driving and felt challenged. Further adding that he wanted to see what his car could do against the Charger. Consequently, Acevedo arrested the man for reckless driving.

Undoubtably, there are a lot of traffic fatalities in the area, expressed Acevedo. Also adding that the Fast & Furious movies prompt these drivers into thinking they can do the same thing.  

Not to mention, expressing that drivers often forget that’s Hollywood, and not reality. The Houston Police Chief also stressed that there are way too many people dying on the highways from drivers speeding. And, that he will not stand for this kind of reckless behavior. Therefore, the driver of the white Mercedes will be going to jail, and his car will be going to “car jail” as well, according to Acevedo.

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  1. Jack tweety

    Whatever!!!!!! I hate driving in you st ton for this very reason. You wont hardly ever see a cop on the interstate, because they can’t be bothered.

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