Houston Offers Cheap Housing - About 52.4 % Less Than Average Rent

October 25, 2018
Houston Offers Cheap Housing – About 52.4 % Less Than Average Rent

Houston, Texas – The housing prices in Houston for a one-bedroom apartment are around $1238. This is what rental sites are telling you about the housing situation in Houston. What are the lowest prices available in Houston these days?

It’s enough to have a look at local listings for studios and one-bedroom apartments to have an idea of what to expect, especially for people on the budget.

$500 a month studio apartment is listed on the rental site at the location 1303 Gears Road, # 1487, in Greater Greenspoint. The studio rent price is 52.4 percent less than the average rent for a studio in Houston, estimated at around $1050/month.

The studio apartment available at $500 has pretty good living conditions, including carpeted flooring, air conditioning, a ceiling fan, a fireplace, wooden cabinetry, and a dishwasher. The apartment complex also has a swimming pool and outdoor space.

On the website another cheap housing option is available at $525 /month. This studio is not pet-friendly, but it offers hardwood flooring, air conditioning, wooden cabinetry, a walk-in closet, and an outdoor swimming pool.

The studio apartment is located at Brian Forrest Area. The surrounding area is somewhat walkable with bike infrastructure.

When it comes to one bedroom apartment, it’s listed at $535 a month. It’s located at 470 Maxey Road # 5164, in Northshore. This one bedroom apartment has outdoor space, swimming pool, and comfortable living conditions.

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