Formula E Racing To Occur In Monaco For The First Time This Weekend

May 7, 2021
Formula E Racing To Occur In Monaco For The First Time This Weekend

In Monaco, Formula E is about to power forward on the full racetrack laid out in the sovereign city-state. Which will be interesting to see. Up until now, past Formula E races cut off about half of the track. As compared to before, when drivers would go up the hill, past the casino and down the tunnel, drivers would now be able to turn immediately after the start/finish straight and rejoin the track close to the marina.

In this case, Formula E presents an opportunity to make a genuine connection between Formula E and Formula 1.

In Valencia, there had been two races over the weekend. A wild race on Saturday and a regular race on Sunday. It was noticeably a fun weekend for the race. Chances are that Saturday was going to be unpredictable. However, it was so drenched from the raid that it was wet from the beginning to the ending. Now, famously, Formula E cars race on treaded tires designed for “all-season” terrain. Granted, there tends to be an optimal performance to the viewer, but the racer never really quite can tell, can they?

Therefore, Formula E racecars were so sporadic on that race, to the point of five entire car accidents occurring. A very strange end to one of the more unpredictable motorsport races.

Efficiency does matter, but so does the allowance of energy. Being that these are Formula E cars, the big concern is that these cars are able to perform according to their energy allowance. This is designated so that Formula E cars can go no matter what. Therefore, playing an equal game all across the board. The limit gets lowered right around when the safety car comes around. Mercedes was able to win on the roaster as of a result.

As you can see by the map below, this is how the race in Monaco is going to occur.

formula e monaco layout

Catch the race on CBS Sports Network or wherever they tell you to watch it.

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