Early Voting In Texas Begins Today

February 18, 2020
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Early Voting In Texas Begins Today

In the run-up to Super Tuesday’s election, early voting polls provide Texans with the opportunity to cast their ballot early. Beginning Tuesday the 18th, early voting polls remain open for a period of 10 days, concluding on the 28th.

Of course, missing the early voting period still leaves voters the chance to cast their ballots on actual election day, March 3.

The big draw for this election cycle is the Democratic primary. With a large field of candidates, Democratic voters choose between far-left and center-left options. Vermont Senator Bernie Sanders leads in the latest poll from University of Texas/Texas Tribune, netting 24 percent support from those polled.

However, billionaire and former New York Mayor Michael Bloomberg, after outspending his competitors with millions in ad-buys made with personal funds, surges. He took 4th in the same poll with 10 percent. Presently, he occupies second place in an average of national polls, still lagging about 8 points behind frontrunner Sanders.

Early Voting Encompasses Other Important Elections

Though, Texans face a number of other important elections on the same ballot. Other races include several Texas Supreme Court seats, Texas Court of Criminal Appeals seats, and Chief Justice.

The second most anticipated election, however, follows the race for Texas’s U.S. Senate seat. Senator John Cornyn serves alongside Senator Ted Cruz and faces challenges from both his Republican Party and Texas Democrats.

In total, 12 candidates vie for the US Senate seat.

Record fundraising for state Democrats bolsters their campaign for what would be their first statewide win in 25 years. However, incumbent Cornyn also has deep pockets going into the election, with more than $10 million.

Still, his approval rating rests at only 37 percent, with a disapproval rating of 31 percent and the rest of respondents neutral. The perception of weakness in Cornyn’s support prompted a deep bench of Democratic candidates to enter the primary.

The March 3 ballot provides Texans an opportunity to select a challenger going into the November 3 Senate election. As Democrats make headway in a historically red state, candidates like Mary Jennings Hegar and Cristina Tzintzún Ramirez hope to lead their party to victory.

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