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Five Police Officers Injured in Gun Battle

HOUSTON, TX – On Monday, five Houston police officers were injured in a gun battle with suspected drug dealers. According to authorities, the incident occurred while they tried to execute a drug-related search warrant. This took place in a neighborhood in southeast Houston. As a result, four of the officers…


New Year, New Gas Prices

HOUSTON, TX – The best New Year’s news in Houston this year? Seeing lower gas prices than last year. In fact, Houston gas prices are at the lowest they have been throughout the entire year of 2018. The highest they have been in 2018 was $2.70 per gallon at the…


Texans Announce Walter Payton Man of the Year Award Nominee

HOUSTON, TX -- The Houston Texans announced their nominee for the Walter Payton NFL Man of the Year Award. The Texans chose Whitney Mercilus. The award recognizes a player’s outstanding community service activities off the field. It acknowledges excellence on the field as well. Mercilus started a foundation called WithMerci.…


The Biggest Homes in The Nation are in Houston: Study Shows

Houston, Texas - A new study has shown where are the biggest houses in the country. The results didn’t surprise a lot of people. Houston homes are bigger on average than any others in the U.S. market, according to the study. The study was conducted based on the dataset of…


Failure of 911 Call Dispatching Resulted in the Suspect’s Escape

WASHINGTON D.C. — The District’s 911 call taker failed to dispatch police to an elementary school Monday. A concerned parent reported witnessing an aggravated driver threatening to shoot and run over the school crossing guard. The parent of a student at Lafayette Elementary School on Broad Branch in the Chevy…

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