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Night Driving Tips for Truckers

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Nighttime driving presents many challenges for interstate truckers. Sleep is often the biggest problem. So, we’ve put together a few tips that will help truckers manage the nighttime hauls better. Night Goggles Now, we don’t really mean goggles, but a good pair of night vision glasses will do the trick.…

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H-E-B Seeks Full-Time Truck Drivers

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H-E-B, the well-known grocery store chain in Texas, is currently on the lookout for full-time truck drivers. Specifically, the store is seeking those who are locally based. The company's trying to expand significantly, which means that they need more transportation help. Hopefully, that will mean some great new jobs for…

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Let’s Have Less Accidents in Texas! “Be Safe, Drive Smart” Campaign

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This week, the Texas Department of Transportation launched a new campaign. The goal? To reduce fatal accidents – and automotive accidents in general – throughout the state of Texas. This encourages drivers to make smarter choices on the road. They are calling this the Be Safe, Drive Smart campaign. And,…

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Dangerous Fog Causes Death

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Be careful on your morning commute today. Dense Fog in Houston has already caused one death in Harris County, and authorities are advising extreme caution for drivers. Around 2 a.m., an Infiniti SUV was traveling westbound on the N. Sam Houston feeder road. The driver did not see an 18-wheeler…

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Art Expo, Wine Event and Much More Awaits You in Houston This Weekend

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The weather in Houston is pretty warm for fall season. Why don’t you check out some wine events, retro music, and even a Harry Potter on Saturday in Houston? The coolest weekend in Houston awaits you! Let’s start! Art has been the biggest inspiration for people starting from unknown times!…

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