Bullet Train Developer Unable to Access Uncharted Area

December 21, 2021
Bullet Train Developer Unable to Access Uncharted Area

Bullet train in a Southern state that is controversial and involved in a landowner’s case against the companies is developing it. In fact, these companies can’t force people to sell parcels. It would be needing for the high-speed rail project. The state attorney general’s office is behind it. The argument is that it can’t force people to sell parcels. Those would be for the high-speed rail project.

Bullet Train and Connecting Cities

The attorney general’s office has offered the latest twist in the nearly decade-long fight over a 240-mile line that would connect Dallas and Houston. This is based on weighing in on the matter at the invitation of the Texas Supreme Court. In fact, the project has really picked up support from leaders of the urban areas. Thus it has encouraged hard resistance from the residents of the rural counties on its proposed path.

Examine Land for the Project

In fact, Leon County landowner James Miles, who is one of those residents, did sue Texas Central. It was after the private company sought permission to survey his 600-acre property in 2015. It was part of its efforts to examine the land for the project. In fact, Miles did ask the courts to declare that the company did not have the right to enter his property. It was because it does not have the eminent domain authority which does grant to railroad companies.

Also, he has won in the trial court. However, the legal dispute did reach the Texas Supreme Court. This was after a state appellate court in a city sided with the state Central and a related company.

Also, in a legal brief which was filing in the Texas Supreme Court this past Friday, the deputies for the Texas Attorney General Ken Paxton did argue the high court should, in fact, reverse that appellate decision. Then rule in Miles’ favor. It was because the companies did fall short of the Texas Constitution’s definition of a rail company.

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