Allen West Launches GOP Challenge Against Texas Gov. Greg Abbott

July 6, 2021
Allen West Launches GOP Challenge Against Texas Gov. Greg Abbott

Allen West on this past Sunday he made the announcement he was therefore running for Texas governor. In fact, he is launching a primary challenge against Republican Governor Greg Abbott. Moreover, he said that he can no longer “sit on the sidelines.” Greg Abbott is a freedom-fighting governor that has lead Texas to be bold and divisive.

Allen West is a Bit of a Political Lighting Rod

A controversial and outspoken former congressman from Florida, the outgoing Texas GOP chair, made his announcement in a campaign video. This was playing during a July of the Fourth appearance at the Sojourn Church in Carrollton, Texas.

Allen West is Using Fighting Words

Allen West was quoted as saying a “there comes a time when a warrior understands that maybe pull out that sword. Maybe a metaphor of his toughness and mettle having service in the Gulf War and the Iraq War before retiring from the U.S. Army as a lieutenant colonel. He further said in the video, “I’m now drawing my sword.”

The U.S. Comes First

Allen West felt the need to clarify he has not been in an elective political office for about a decade. Sitting on the sidelines is not good enough for him. He is upset by what is happening in the United State of America, in what he calls a place thinks of as home,” West defiantly said.

Protect and Defend the Lone Star State

In fact, West made a point of saying he is running to be “governor of the Lone Star State. That way he can lead Texas to protect and therefore defend our home.

Fourth of July is the Best Time to Get That Message Across

West said the Fourth of July was the better day and in the church to make his announcement. He shared with his fellow parishioners when the video end. “It’s time to stand up for God, for Country, and for Texas.”

Running for Statewide Office

For many people, the political move didn’t come as surprise. In fact, West hinted a month ago, when was announcing that he would be stepping down as state party chair. Moreover, he was thinking of a run for statewide office.

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