Trucking With a Family Tie

November 27, 2018
Trucking With a Family Tie

A relationship with a person in trucking can be difficult and it takes a lot of effort to adjust to this new lifestyle. Here are some ways to ease that transition:

Alone Time

The partner at home may deal with daily tasks that could become tedious. It may seem that they are being left with daily troubles, while the trucker gets to enjoy life on the road. On the contrary, the trucker may feel that although he or she is making money, they are missing out on valuable experiences at home. Both feelings are valid. Although, there must be a compromise within the relationship for both jobs are valuable. Not just one is under pressure—the street goes both ways.

Support! No questions asked.

Being open is important for those developing a family, as well as a career. Communication allows both parties to validate their feelings and establish trust.

Without trust, doubt can sour the connection. If one’s relationship is built with mistrust before the trucker hits the road— the relationship will crumble. Stability allows the couple to stay strong, even with the distance.


An important way to establish a connection to one’s partner on the road is inclusion. Incorporating all members of the family with decisions is important. This creates ties that remind everyone that they’re on the same team.

Time flies when you have a one-track mind. If one is too focused on their job, they might lose sight of the important things going on outside of themselves. If one is too focused on either their job or their home life, they might forget to connect to those that aren’t around in the moment.

One way in which one can bring their two worlds together is to travel with their partner once in a while. Road trips can be fun! And one can better their career and evoke empathy in a partner within daily experiences.

Relationships don’t come easy, and as in a career, you must work at it to make it function properly. It’s scary for the one leaving their home and the one left to take care of it. Although, this experience can be one of growth for everyone involved.

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