The Most Futuristic Parking Lots in Houston

September 27, 2018
The Most Futuristic Parking Lots in Houston

Parking in Houston, as well as in the whole country, is troublesome. No matter where you go, restaurant, home, shopping center, drivers are having a hard time to find a place to park their vehicles.

As the age of self-driving vehicles is looming, city officials started discussing how the parking should be arranged and if the city of Houston is ready to welcome those changes.

Hence, the developers introduced automated parking lots and garages. The technology will be powered with meter and sensors thus enabling the drivers to spot open spaces easily and fast.

The developers are focusing on the user experience and strive to make it a pleasant place.

Urban engineers and architects believe that Houston has a much parking space. For example, for every space measuring 1,000 square feet, the city regulation requires five parking lots for a supermarket, eight for a restaurant and 10 for a bar.

“Silo-style developments” in Houston is the main problem as Peter Merwin, Houston architect believes. These locations have minimum parking locations, and policy-wise it is difficult to change. Nevertheless, discussions on policy changes are underway.

It was announced that the largest automated garage will be launched in the north of the Memorial Park.

This week, an international automation company announced plans to bring what it says will be the largest automated parking garage in the United States to a new retail development planned north of Memorial Park.

Washington and Hempstead announced that by 2020, the driver will drop off their cars at the automatic garages and robots will do the parking.


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