Ted Cruz Faces Calls For Resignation After Insurrection At Capitol

January 11, 2021
Ted Cruz Faces Calls For Resignation After Insurrection At Capitol

Ted Cruz should step down from his position as senator. This stems from well-known Texas Republicans who are vocally criticizing the actions of a mob of pro-Trump extremists. This occurred at the Capitol Building in D.C.

Ted Cruz and Ken Paxton Have had Negative and Twisted Accusations Thrown in Their Faces

Senator Ted Cruz and Texas Attorney General Ken Paxton are at the forefront of conspiracy theories and court cases. As well as around the results of the 2020 presidential election. Both have had to deal with more than their share of flak and derision. Though on the “bright side” of this abuse, Cruz and Paxton were quick to urge them to stay peaceful. This happened when pro-Trump extremists got into the Capitol Building. How nice of their colleagues to point out that fact!

Senator Ted Cruz’s press office in a written response to TPR inquiries forwarded a quote from one of his floor speeches.

This was “Americans will see a vote against the objection as a statement that voter fraud doesn’t matter, isn’t real, and shouldn’t be taken seriously.”

Thou Protest Too Much

Still, it’s said that Cruz and others could not give evidence of voter fraud in the 2020 presidential election.

Ted Cruz has so Many Great Ideas about Voter Fraud and how to Conduct the Investigation into it

As presented by Cruz, the other choice would be to enact an electoral commission. They would look into what are unconfirmed claims of voter fraud. They have been escalating by what is calling out as derogatorily as Cruz’s rhetoric. He suggested that state legislatures appoint alternate electors.

Ted Cruz is a Man of Reason and Logic

Ted Cruz clarifies this by saying: “Let me be clear: I am not arguing for setting putting the result of this election aside,” he said. Yet he said his preferential path would be to break with precedent. Then kickstart a path that could lead to a different election result.


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