Taxi Driver Shot in Dispute Over Fare Change

May 28, 2019
Taxi Driver Shot in Dispute Over Fare Change

HOUSTON, TX – Early Tuesday morning an ambulance rushed a taxi driver to a local hospital after a furious passenger randomly shot him. The incident occurred in southwest Houston, according to the Houston police department.

Police officials say the taxi driver is likely to survive with a gunshot wound to the leg. They did note that the shooter remains on the loose but offered no further word on the suspect.

The taxi driver picked up the passenger on Club Creek Drive and set out to deliver him to an apartment building on Kirkwood which is located near Bellaire. The drive was without incident, however, upon arriving at the location the dynamic changed swiftly.

As the two were settling up the fare, the passenger began arguing about the amount of change being returned to him, according to the police.

Then, as the argument continued, the passenger exited the car and pulled out a gun. He promptly fired one round through the taxi door which apparently struck the taxi driver in the leg. All this information comes courtesy of the Houston police.

Police officials fielded a call regarding the incident and hurried to a location a little south of the passenger’s destination in the 11900 block of Beechnut. Currently, police are trying to track down the video of the crime.

Police welcome any tips or additional information on the matter.

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