Maersk Making A Big Motion To Help Support The Supply Chain In Pain

December 29, 2020
Maersk Making A Big Motion To Help Support The Supply Chain In Pain

Maersk is addressing certain alarms set off about the U.S. export community. Specifically, issues in regard to intermodal equipment and container congestion.

In a press release, Maersk North America mentioned how plenty of members in the logistics community have undergone many challenges to find solutions to ‚Äúsurging U.S. imports and the resulting intermodal equipment flow imbalances”

Just about each aspect of Maersk and their global logistics business model is working hard through the whole spectrum to regard solutions with supply chain participants.

Maersk is apparently working with plenty of government-mandated organizations. Like the Agriculture Transportation Coalition, the Association of Bi-State Motor Carriers on the East Coast, the Harbor Trucking Association on the West Coast, just to find “workable solutions.”

From the looks of it, this is a huge clean-out of gunk in the trunk. The best way to correct the inner workings of a company is to investigate the concerns thoroughly.

What does that mean if you work at Maersk?

Well, they’re still talking about job cuts. Maersk runs about one out of every five containers shipped worldwide. They have no choice but to make these moves with investors insisting on change.

A third of the staff will be hit hard by this major shake-up, with hopes to integrate. The seaborne container and in-land logistics businesses are hoping to benefit the most from this.

Damco and Safmarine will merge pretty soon under the Maersk brand by the year’s end. Sadly, it looks as though consolidating the organization is going to get rid of workers with duplicate roles. But all in the name of grander growth, right?

A spokeswoman once said that anywhere from 26,000 to 27,000 employees are going to be feeling impacts from this restructuring. How many of them will be laid off is not yet certain but this will definitely be another shake the logistics community won’t soon forget.

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