Let’s Have Less Accidents in Texas! “Be Safe, Drive Smart” Campaign

February 20, 2019
Let’s Have Less Accidents in Texas! “Be Safe, Drive Smart” Campaign

This week, the Texas Department of Transportation launched a new campaign. The goal? To reduce fatal accidents – and automotive accidents in general – throughout the state of Texas. This encourages drivers to make smarter choices on the road. They are calling this the Be Safe, Drive Smart campaign. And, one of the top priorities of the campaign is to demonstrate the importance of sharing the roads with commercial vehicles.

Especially after the recent oil boom, which has brought more commercial trucks on the road, it is time for Texas drivers to be more aware. According to the data, 14 percent of fatal accidents on Texas highways involve commercial vehicles, like big rigs or other large trucks. However, on average, only four percent of those accidents are the fault of the drivers of the larger vehicles.

There are a few simple tips to remember when driving on the road with big rigs. The main ones? Always have patience and awareness. For example, when passing a semi-truck, remember to give a truck more space than you might normally give for another car. You don’t want to put the driver in a situation where they have to break quickly.  

Additionally, truck drivers have a harder time seeing cars behind them. Always give the truck enough room, especially when they have to make a turn. Don’t try to squeeze next to or behind a truck during a turn, or they might collide with you.

Essentially, drivers of other cars need to be more alert and conscious of commercial trucks on the road. The Texas Department of Transportation plans to use TV ads, as well as radio ads and billboards to spread the word with this Be Safe, Drive Smart campaign.

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