The Best GPS for Truck Drivers

August 22, 2019
The Best GPS for Truck Drivers

With the fast advancement of technology throughout the years, especially for GPS systems truck drivers are still hesitant to solely depend on this type of technology while on the road. Many truckers exclaim that GPS systems are unreliable and do not allow them to plan out their route. Moreover, many generic car GPS systems don’t warn truck drivers about roads where they are prohibited nor places of interest, such as rest areas, to stop.  

However, many popular GPS companies are beginning to come out with advanced GPS systems specifically for truck drivers. Not only do these systems give out directions, they are also programmed to assists truckers on the road. The primary goal for this technology advancement is to not only help truckers get to their destination safely but also become the primary tool so that they don’t have to rely on a physical map.

If you are a trucker and in need of a new GPS, here are common features to look out for:

Detailed Mapping

The most essential feature for every GPS system, it tells you the directions you need to take and however long your trip will be. A few systems provide fuel costs and gives the option for drivers to plan routes with stops along the way.

Traffic Alerts

The second most essential feature is having your GPS advise you which routes to take or to avoid.  A good GPS will give you information about upcoming weather, accidents, construction, or any other types of delays.


Being a truck driver, you must be prepared to drive long distances and sometimes take routes that are uncommon. That why many GPS units come equipped with Bluetooth, microphones, Wi-Fi, hands-free voice control, and backup cameras. This way, your devices can work together in order to get the job done as safely and efficiently as possible.

Approved Roadways

A good GPs will plan routes based on roads approved for trucks.  Moreover, many will give you the option to input your trucks information such as: height, weight, length, and cargo. Once it’s in the system, the GPS will handle all the hassle of planning your route accordingly.

Conserving Fuel

Many truckers know that distance is a factor when it comes to being on the job. Fuel is the most significance a trucker will face. That is why having an advanced GPS that provides you information in order to conserve fuel is important.  When planning your route, a good GPS will tell you where to stop in advance to fill up and it will also alert you when you are driving excessively fast.

What do you think? Are the newest GPS systems becoming more reliable for truckers?

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