Ford Forgotten: Mid-Engine Mustang

April 15, 2020
Ford Forgotten: Mid-Engine Mustang
Image By John Clord

Ford has a reputation for developing some of the most popular sports cars in the world. When they developed the Mustang in 1964, it went on to become the iconic car for American sports car enthusiasts. The vehicle offered high performance and handling, an engine that could be modded and an affordable consumer price. What people don’t remember (as well as Ford apparently) is that they had put into development, a mid-engine Mustang. This never came to fruition, and for the records, it was completely forgotten about until now.

Ford Designed And Completely Forgot About Their Mid Engine Mustang

There isn’t much to say about this vehicle. Up until 5 years ago, it wasn’t even a twinkle in any designers eye. This was lost to time until Dean Weber discovered a few photos that shed some light into the working of the Mustang’s history.

A Wild Goose Chase for Information

When Weber first saw these photos, he thought it might have been a pre-production test vehicle for the Mustang II. Upon his inquiries with many of the designers and developers of the time, he found that none had really seen or heard of this completely different Mustang.

Not even Roy Lunn who oversaw a number of mid-engine Ford models at the time of mysterious Mustang came up with nothing. The only information that has been dug up are the photos that were accumulated by Weber.

Ford Has Nothing On This

From the designers of that time, to everyone working in every office, not one has any idea of this rare and illusive concept vehicle. Ford has even put out a request for anyone who knows anything about it to come forward.

For those with any information, the company has asked that you contact them by emailing directly to This may shed some light and information. We want to know what this was and why it was canceled, and why it was never thought about again.

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