Electric Vans: GM Industry Response

June 9, 2020
Electric Vans: GM Industry Response

Electric vans are the new focus for GM. While Tesla has worked extensively to have dominance over the consumer market for electric vehicles, GM is playing a different strategy. Hit’em where they ain’t.

GM has made extensive moves of their own. With the motor company owning multiple car brands under its umbrella, it looks to compete drastically with Tesla.

With 10-new electric vehicles being released in the next few years – including the monstrous HUMMER EV, GM looks to take the fight to Elon Musk.

Electric Vans Are a Staple Industry

One of these is focusing on commercial vehicles such as vans. The ability to create a utility vehicle has proven to be successful – with the Cybertruck, Hummer EV, and multiple other high-torque electric machines, the use for electric can now help to save on the overall cost of a traditional ICE.

Where two competing companies Tesla, and emerging (yet unoriginal named) Nikola both creating electric semi-trucks in order to staple themselves within a necessary industry, GM is moving towards another department.

Utility vans are a dominant market within the US and other countries. With many independent laborers working out of them, the cost of refueling and maintenance on standard ICE can be a factor in any business. With the ease of fuel costs and the limited maintenance requirements, Electric vans are a good response for GM.

Establishing a strong point within a commercial industry is a key move for many emerging electric auto makers. For companies like Tesla and Nikola, they have set their sights on a backbone industry. For GM, their successful focus on utility vans has established them in standard ICE production.

Another benefit comes from the market. While both Electric Semi companies are the only two producing electric semis, GM owns a multitude of large-named automotive brands. The options of choice can act to further innovative endeavors for the emerging industry.

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