Easy Ways to Protect Your Truck From Damage

May 10, 2019
Easy Ways to Protect Your Truck From Damage

A trucker faces all kinds of worries and concerns while on the job. However, one of the biggest worries of a trucker is making sure his or her vehicle remains safe and avoids damage at all times. If you’ve been stressing about making sure your vehicle stays safe both on and off the road, you’ll want to pick up some useful tips and tricks to help you out. Keep on reading to learn more about what you can do to avoid any potential damage from harming your truck.

Common causes of truck damage

It may come as a surprise to many truckers, but it turns out that damage done to trucks and vehicles often happens while the vehicle is parked. It sounds unbelievable. That’s until you really start understanding why exactly this is the case.

Additionally, truckers find it very difficult to back into tight parking spaces or loading docks. This is a common cause of truck damage as well.

Truck stop hazards

There are many reasons why a truck can get damaged at a truck stop.

First, most truck stops were constructed decades ago. This was before trucks got to be as big as they are now. Therefore, they’re simply not equipped to handle larger vehicles. Also, many trainees practice in these lots. Therefore, accidents are more frequent.

Protect Your Vehicle

So, what can you do to protect your truck? Here are some tips.

First, park all the way in the back of the lot if possible. Stay away from other vehicles. Furthermore, parking next to a light pole will reduce the likelihood of another truck getting too close. Try to park in smaller lots in less busy areas if you can. Finally, always keep a close watch on your vehicle, especially if you see a person or a driver getting near it.

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