Delorean Vs Cybertruck

December 5, 2019
Delorean Vs Cybertruck

The Delorean has become a staple in pop culture. From its use in the famous “Back to the Future” franchise to its downward spiral into the memory of automobiles, the Delorean has become well-known. Well, now the car has some competition. Elon Musk just announced the Tesla Cybertruck – a new truck with designs taken out of the Deloreans playbook.

Delorean: The Future Car

The Delorean was, for its time, a car designed with the future in mind. Its development was the brainchild of the eccentric John Z. Delorean. Two different models were introduced to the market. A “gold” model and the standard stainless steel version.

This was the first thing to come to mind when Elon Musk Unveiled the Cybertruck last week. “Cybertruck” seems to be all about the future. From the angular disposition of the vehicle to the stainless steel features, this car is pretty much the new Delorean

Issues With Production

Upon its release, the Delorean fell flat on its face. The car was not friendly to mechanics, who would have to take multiple pieces apart to fix basic sections of the car. The Cybertruck has done better than that, with its electric battery and simplistic design, the vehicle has had over 40 years to learn from the latter’s mistakes.

Cost Issues

The DMC-12, an affordable, gas efficient sports car that would compete in the industry against heavy-hitters like Corvette and Mustang. The big selling point for many was the predicted price tag of $12,000 thus the name “DMC-12”. Unfortunately, upon its release, the price was set at approximately $25,000 ($70,000 by today’s standards), so it almost instantly lost its appeal with potential buyers.

The Tesla Cybertruck has a relatively modest price range starting at $40,000 which would have put it in the same ball-park as the Deloreans expected cost.

Gullwing Doors – A Potential Problem

Have you ever had trouble getting out of your car in a parking lot? Possibly, but you would have had a difficult time back in the ’80s if you drove the DMC-12. The Gullwing doors were an iconic feature of the vehicle, unfortunately, that meant that in order to get out of your car at the mall, you would have to park with two empty spaces next to you. Good Luck during Christmas.

The Cybertruck didn’t go that far. Gullwing doors might have been the future of automobiles at the time, but advances in technology have made them more practical. The Cybertruck, on the other hand, has set itself with the standard door design.

Is the Cybertruck the New Delorean?

On the surface, they look like two peas in a pod. In terms of how the vehicle operates, not at all. Tesla Motors has redesigned their vehicles in order to provide mechanical ease. In terms of a long-standing company? Tesla blows Delorean out of the water.

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